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Lyne was a founder of Talisman Theatre in 2005 and has been its Artistic and Executive Director since 2008. She is a Graduate of the National Theatre School's Design program (2004) as well as an engineer with over ten years' of experience in design and project management (B.Eng., Mcgill, 1986). Below are samples from productions she has worked on.

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Lyne Paquette, Montreal, Quebec: 514.846.0402

Reviews :

"Nature itself is the revenger and it's coming for environment-murdering humanity in the shape of ravenous, scientifically-modified beasts and the suffocating foliage of a Quebec forest, all played out in Lyne Paquette's otherworldly design of grassy wasteland and 'vomit-inducing' flora wallpaper.

--Jim Burke Montreal Gazette October 9th 2015.

"The beautifully minimalist set of Billy (Days of Howling) hints at a nursery. There are white blocks for furniture, a hanging-mirror ceiling and hundreds of stuffed toys which get shovelled back and forth between scenes."

--Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette 10.09.2014

"Perhaps most notable is the elaborate set designed by Lyne Paquette. Despite the small stage size, Paquette uses two towering metal shelving units to make the entire set seem much larger while replicating the feel of a messy condo. books form strange stacks and moving boxes crowd the floor while above the characters the detrius of modern life line the shelves alongside funky lamps. ...Coma Unplugged is a contemporary jewel."

--Pat Case, Concordian, 26 October 2011.

"...fabulous seaweed. Loved the human/bird/fish/ship-rib set."

--Kent Stetson, Governor General's Literary Award winner, 16 October 2010.

"Over 32 days following the arrival of the stowaways, everyone descends deeper and deeper into Arctic hell within a beautifully designed corrugated metal shack that doubles as a classroom and a living space."

--Pat Donnelly, The Gazette, 14 October 2009.

"With this type of play, less is more when it comes to staging. Lyne Paquette's set, which consists of giant curved sheets of parchment, with words scrawled in longhand, is just right. These pages serve as screens for cinematic images that enhance the intense dramatic confrontations."

--Pat Donnelly, The Gazette, 14 November 2008.

"Lyne Paquette's stage design takes full advantage of Geordie Theatre's natural paint-peeling attributes to convey the low-ceiling squalor of That Woman's oppressive dwelling"

--Matt Radz, The Gazette, 22 September 2006.

"A grand piano and a garish bead curtain are the main elements in Lyne Paquette's design, like Huston's minimalist stage prose at once restrained and poetically extravagant."

--Matt Radz, The Gazette, 04 April 2006.

Curriculum Vitae :

2005-Present: Artistic and Executive Director, at Talisman Theatre.

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Education :

2000-2003: Scenography Program, National Theatre School of Canada, Montreal.

1998-2000: Theatre Production Program, Lionel-Groulx College, Ste-Thérèse (2 years).

1982-1986: Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical), McGill University, Montreal.

Associations :

OEQ: Ordre of Engineers of Quebec.

AQM: Association quebecoise des marionnettistes.

APASQ: L'Association des professionnels des arts de la scene du Quebec.

Related Experience :

2009: Introduction to Autocad teaching at Theatre Production Program, Lionel-Groulx College 120hrs.

2008: Intership Michael Curry Design puppet design and fabrication 12 weeks.

2008: Workshop AQM Stage Design for puppets Richard Lacroix 60 hrs.

2008: Workshop AQM Directing and Fabricating puppets Gavin Glover Faulty Optics 60 hrs./p>

2007: Autocad Drafting for Réalisations--Architectural Interventions in Las Vegas.

Other Work Experience :

1993-1998: Klockner Stadler Hurter Ltd., Project engineer for local and international pulp and paper mills (steam & power specialization).

1988-1993: Klockner Stadler Hurter Ltd., Mechanical and environmental engineer: assistant to project engineer for local and international projects.

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