The Flood Thereafter (2010)

Set Designer / Conceptrice et réalisatrice de décor

Talisman Theatre

Credits / Crédits

Text / Texte : Sarah Berthiaume;

Translator / Traduction : Nadine Desrochers;

Director / Mise en scène : Emma Tibaldo.

Actors / Acteurs : Stephane Blanchette; Catherine Colvey; Chimwemwe Miller; Bill Rowat; Amelia Sargisson; Felicia Shulman.

Designers / Concepteurs : Set / Décor : Lyne Paquette; Costumes / Costume : Fruzsina Lànyi; Lighting / Éclairage : David Perreault Ninacs; Sound / Son : Michael Leon; Movement / Mouvement : Rasili Botz.

"The set, designed by Lyne Paquette was extremely interesting visually. On its own, it looks like the broken hull of a shipwreck, with the different pieces representing different locations in town. The floor was scattered with kelp-like 'wigs' that Homer's wife, Penelope (Felicia Shulman) was often working on in the background, and that June would pose with when she stripped."

- Thea | Orcasound | October 20, 2010

"...fabulous seaweed. Loved the human/bird/fish/ship-rib set."

- Kent Stetson | Governor General's Literary Award winner | 16 October 2010

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